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the day the good Lord chose to pass out extra helpings of hips and ass
I thought it was a buffet and got in line twice
ugh. so you know how bad things happen, right? and then after a bad thing happens a hundred more bad things happen to follow it up?

some loopy lady just rear-ended me on the way to a job interview. i'm all hurty-like and will probably end up going to the hospital. i'm so damn stubborn about stuff like that. the cop totally coerced me into going in the ambulance and they had me all strapped down and such and finally, i was like, man no. i don't have time for all this. i need to go home and panic attack all over the place and let my dogs out and call my interview lady and just, no!

but now i think that was kinda dumb and i'll be going later.
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i'm not sure why i'm all anti-update. i don't mean to be. i just don't think about it much. i wish i would, but what are you going to do?

yesterday at like 12:00am, apple got hit by a car and it was just sort of crazyinsane. she's fine but it was so weird because i have worked at the vet's office and i've seen dogs that have come in after being hit and so few of them make it or are so beat up they have permanent damage so i totally freaked out.

she's fine. it looked like her front leg was broken, but apparently the skin was just really ripped up and you could just see her bone. she's all cut up and bruised up but no serious damage. they put her back together and she seems ok. she's just in a lot of pain.

it's weird the way things affect different people. i thought maybe my whole heart would break.
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today was excellent. we went to king's island and vince got to ride his first ever roller coaster and joey rode the vortex with me which is my favoritefavorite roller coaster ever. i am all about roller coasters. they sort of make me wanna bone. i do not know why.

lines were short, the day was pretty, the moods were great. the only bad parts were the wet, sloshy shoes that lead to blisters and my fat girl chubrub that almost got me to tears and we had to cut the day short by like 3 hours. i felt like a jackass, but everyone was nice about it.

we came home and apple has dyed herself red with vince's hair dye. mostly just her feet but still. she looks horrific. honey somehow locked herself in the bathroom so she wasn't at the door when we came in. i walked in the livingroom and there was this puddle of red and apple had red around her mouth and all over her feet and i seriously thought she had mutilated honey in a vicious way.

there is a terrific, horrendous picture of us all on the vortex. i will figure out a way to share that because really, yuck and fun all at the same time.

and now bed. yay!
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new ferret today. more on that later. he is currently licking my feet and looks like a badger.
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things are getting back to normal. there are still moments when the hurt kind of pushes its way to the surface, but i think that will ease up soon. i definitely think there is an understanding on both of our parts that wasn't there before. i still don't feel like writing about it in great detail. it sort of brings it all back and soon i can write about it without feeling it all over again, but not today.

and the good in this all has been that i've realized that i want to be here and i want to work for this. i've always known that but right now i feel it really strongly. and there has been some great reconnecting. i don't want to say rekindling because to say that means that some sort of intensity was gone or waning. it just feels really powerful right now. raw.

we went to pride yesterday. it was weird on many levels but the main one is that i always feel so weird there and out of place. and i guess that's me just stereotyping, but i just never feel like the people there are "my people." there is so much i disagree with in the way queer folk are just lumped together and how much stigma (?) exists in a group that is generally stigmatized and treated as an afterthought. like shouldn't "we" have some sort of higher understanding and general compassion for others, considering? and i still don't know how any self-respecting queer can be involved in the log-cabin republicans, but that is something else entirely and best left for another day. they just had a booth there and i fantasized greatly about setting it aflame.

i took some allergy pills and i feel way groggy and dumb. i am going tomorrow to ft. campbell to pick up some ferrets with the feretlady. one is a panda. we may end up having two or three new ferrets in the next couple of days. oops. anyway, i need a nap.
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here's what's funny:

after the all the times i've screwed up because i didn't trust my instinct, in the immortal words of britney spears, "oops. i did it again."

i guess i can finally rest assured that my instinct is much stronger than somebody's lies that i just want to believe.

i won't be doing that again.
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i got turned down for a car loan today. that car was supersexy. but duh, really. i mean, they'll give me a house but not that.

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