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the day the good Lord chose to pass out extra helpings of hips and ass

I thought it was a buffet and got in line twice

eat up, cuz strength is essential for this mission
22 February
disclaimer type thing

please keep in mind that this is my journal. a lot of things are private. if i want you to know something, i'll make sure you can see it. don't demand any knowledge. do not use deceitful methods to get it.

this is something i'm very serious about.

2x chin, :d, acting gay, adult swim, al pieda, alan rickman, all things southern, ann coulter pie face, arianna huffington, ass, ass bandits, being gay, being mean, being totally crushed out, blowjobs, boobs, bossy bottoms, boys, brak, bras, burlesque, cabaret, camel lights, carnivale, cashiers, charmed, chat, chicago the city, chicago the movie, clarksville, clothes, cooking, crafting, crafts, crush posts, crushing, cuddles, depression, direct action, dixie assfag, dog rescue, dorks, dorky music, downloading music, dyke cops, dyke everything, dykes, fags, fat bitches, fat fat fat, fat femmes, fat sluts, fatties, february 22nd, femme, ferrets, fishnets, flirting with disaster, fun, gap tooth smiles, gay ass homos, getting the belt, girls, greyhounds, grinding, harry potter, holding hands, homos, homosexuals, hotness, hott chat, hpnotiq, humping, indiana, jazz and liquor, jeffersonville, junk in the trunk, kentucky, kicking ass taking names, kisses, kissing my boy, lauren ambrose, law and order, lesbos, lightup hello kitty phones, loosest $1 slots, louisville, love spell, mariska hargitay, masturbating, mental health, midwest grindfest, migrating, mix cds, mr. thundercleese, mushy stuff, mwgf, mwmf boycots, my fucking femme identity, nastiness, nosepicking, npr, old elton john only, peen, pictures, pink pistols, pit bulls, public radio, pumpkin, purses, putting the seat back, queers, queers bashing back, rilo kiley, roadtrips, sex, sfu, shoes, six feet under, skirts, sleuthing, smoking, smoking too much, smooching, sneakypants, snuggles, software piracy, spankins, strap-on.org, strongbad, stuff, swapping, sweet pea, swooning, teevee, the cutest boy ever, the sims, the weiner, themoonfell's eyebrows, thigh highs and garters, tony in a bag, touch my belly, trans inclusion, tripsters, tummy butterflies, underpants, vadge, vaudeville, you, your mama